Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ringing in the New Year


Kit by scraproni HERE

Templet by Millie HERE
Keith Garvey- Alexis HERE
Plug in Eye Candy 4,000
C-P means copy and paste
Open templet #2 and duplicate delete original.
Delete the word art
Close off layer 10 and 11
Resize templet (all layers) 84% Then go to image
Canvas size 600 x 600
then on ok.

open mask minimize
open tube c-p full length tube move to left side
C-p half tube to tag and mirror it,  move it
to top of layer 9 then click on layer 9 select all,
float, defloat then click on invert then select
your half tube again and then delete on
your key board then turn the opacity to Screen.

open Bow 03 resize 80% c-p to tag
open champagne 02 resize 80% c-p to tag
open Disco ball 03 resize 25% c-p to tag
open doodle 03 resize 51% c-p to tag
open Chandelier 03 resize 51% c-p to tag
Open Ribbon 01  resize 51% c-p to tag
open ribbon 03 c-p to tag
open firework 02 resize 51%  c-p to tag
duplicate it 2 times and move it around.

add a gradient glow with settings below
screen shots
6.77, 25, 100

ok Im going to make a gradient to flood fill
your templet layers
in your forground use this color #ab812f
in your back ground use this color #654e21
Then go to Gradient and choose,
#1 Forground-background
Angle layer to 90, repeats 2, on style linear
choose it and flood fill
the red layer #4, layer #9 and layer #6 with
this gradient.
To the #6 layer add noise
100% make sure random and monochrome checked.
Select layer #1 and flood fill
with color #654e21
Flood fill layer 8 with Black
Close off layer 5,7, and 3.
I also moved layer #4 down a bit.

I added a Eye candy gratient glow
with the settings above to all layers.
Add your name and word art, and your Copywrite.
And your done :)

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