Thursday, December 12, 2013

FTU Tut -Tis the Season

FTU Kit by Tracy HERE
Fireplace by Lori  - HERE
PSP any Version will do

Mask Weesclotslass #364 HERE
 its the 3rd mask down
Pinuptoons tube at CDO 99-2 HERE
do not use unless you have license

Font P22 Corinthia

3 piece Set
We will make the regular Tag then
just crop the other forum tag and
AVI and add a frame with
Plug in -AAA Photo Frames

Ok lets begin
C-P means copy and paste

Open 600X600 new image

Open Tube, Mask and minimize both
Open fireplace resize 67% C-p to middle of tag
open element SantasComingdecoration resize 43%
C-p place on top of the fireplace,
Open element Candles resize 50 % c-p it on
top covering the merry Christmas lettering.
C-P Gift #1 resize 48%
C-P Gift #2 resize 36%
c-p tree #3 resize 77%
Open your choice Tube resize 90% c-p to tag
Open paper #3 resize paper to 105%
paste it to tag move layer to bottom
While you have this layer selected
 Click on layers and select new mask layer,
then in drop down menu select mask- dvb-mask 06
make sure source luminance is selected then hit ok

Add your name I used the paper as color for name
and then your copywrite

 I went and added a drop shadow
to all elements of -1,1, 65, 9.57 Black.
Save to your computer

If you want to make the full 3 piece
this is how I do it.
Now we will crop your tag
 crop it to 600 x 225 make sure you select
 your tube head in the frame then x out of your name,
and copywrite. C-p the #3 paper, and place it at
the bottom of layers and then click on your tube, then
selections then on Image then crop to selection
Then merge visiable layers then use your AAA Photo Frame
plug in with settings
2,0,0,2,0,0,0,100 default then on ok.
Now add your signature and copywrite.

Do the same with AVI,
 Crop it to 150X150 merge layers
add AAA photo frame with settings above. 
add your copywrite and name.

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