Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas greetings -FTU

Horesplay-Blogtrain Ios-Christmas Kit HERE
Keith Garvey -Mittens Tube HERE 
Fall3nangel- Yarrow  mask #9 HERE
psp X but can be done with and version of psp
C-P means copy and paste

Open your tube and mask minimize both
Open 600X600 new image
Element 25 resize to 84% C-P it to new image
Element 24 resize it 78% C-P on top of red frame
C-P Tube we will errase what sticks out once we
place all elements.
Element 42 c-p see tag for placment
Element 47 resize to 64% C-p see tag for placment
Element 45 Resize to 60% c-p to tag free rotate 90
degrees, then move layer inbetween frame layers, then
duplicate it and mirror and see tag for placment.
Element 10 resize to 60% C-p to new image see tag
for placement, Duplicate and then mirror
Element 41 resize to 60% c-p to tag
element 35 resize to 85% c-p to tag
Element 37 resize to 64% C-p to tag

Now use your erraser to
 errase the tube that is sticking out the bottom
of your elements.
Paper 2 resize to 75% c-p move it below the tag then
go to Layers, new mask layer, choose Mask_Yarrow
in drop down menu, make sure source Luminence is
checked and then click on ok, then in your
mask area right click choose merge group
Now add your Copywrite and signature.
I used Font Oxida 72 pixels with a red and green gradient.
I added a drop shadow to my elements and signature
 of -2,0,52,4,26 black.

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