Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reindeer Games FTU

Templet- Here by Dee
Tube -Pinuptoons 160-3 from CDO HERE
FTU Kit by Pellinka HERE
Element by me Christmas balls-HERE
Mask by Joyita at Graphic Groupies Blog-HERE
Plug-in- Eye Candy 4000

Open Dees templet close her two info files
Resize templet 84%
Open your tube
I used tube pinuptoons 160-3
I C-P full length tube to templet
move it to right side under all the
word art.
C-p the close up and move the layer
 under dotted Square
Click on brown Square and select
all, Float, Defloat, and invert
then go back to your close up tube
layer and hit Delete on your key board,
then select none.
Ok now select your brown square layer
then on your materials pallet select color
#23743d forground, #a20a14 Background
Then make a Gradient -choose gradient
#1-forground-Background and then flood
fill the Brown Square.
Then go to your close up and change it
to screen and turn opacity to 53%
Open your scrap kit and
C-P element #5 resize to 35%
see tag for placement
C-P element #30 resize to 21%
Ok now to add a gradient glow with Eye Candy 4000
on your templet layers
of RED Circle, Brown Square layer,
left light green, Right Light green,
green rectangle
use my a screen shots for the colors,
and the settings on basic
Glow width-8
Soft Corners 25
overall opacity 100
Open your mask and minimize
make a new raster layer
then flood fill your raster with
your gradient you used earlier.
then click on layers, then new
mask layer, then in drop down menu
choose mask named 2eg8nwj, then ok.
I closed off all layers except the word art
and merged all then moved the word art up
so my signature will fit.
Add your copywrite and your name and
your done :)

I also made this with this templet........ and another kit

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