Friday, September 29, 2017

FTU Fright nite

Templet by Lori  HERE

Kit by Nae HERE

Tube Very Many HERE

PLUG in -Alien Skin Impact,

Open templet duplicate it and close original
resize it 92%.

Open tube and copy and paste it to templet.

Add the close up and move it behind on the templet
and erase all that is sticking out.

Open Element 6  copy and paste to templet.

Open Element Pumpkin1 Resize 64% copy and paste to templet.

Open Element stone  Resize 80% copy and paste to templet.

Open Element moon2 Resize 32% copy and paste to templet.

Open Element bat2 Resize 54% copy and paste to templet.

Open paper 12 and resize it 81% and then go to your templet and
select your #3 layer and select all, float, defloat then go to
your materials pallet it opens and you will see 3 tabs choose Pattern
I choose 0 angle and 30 on scale then I flood filled the selected area
on the templet.

Then minimize the paper. Ok now back to templet
on layer 3 selected go to Effects, Texture Effects, the Fur use settings

Now I go to layer 16 select it then flood fill like we did above
with the paper Texture then I used the Fur settings like above.
I then moved that layer below the #13 layer.

Click on the 18 layer then go to Alien Skin Impact, Chrome see below
for settings. I did the same for layer 13.

Then on layer 17 I used
the same Chrome but changed the setting to Metal liquid.

Open Element weed 2 Resize 62% copy and paste to templet.

Open Element broom Resize 31% copy and paste to templet.

I then moved layer 10 ahead of layer 12 and 11. Then I picked out
a gradient of 2 colors of Orange and Yellow and flood filled
layer 10.

Then I went to my close up and turned its opacity to hard light 51%.

Then I went to layer 13 and added some noise 39%

Add drop shadow to elements.

I then added a mask, my name and copywrite would love to see
what you made.

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