Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas is Coming -PTU

Christmas is coming

Psp any version will work
Alex Prihodko -Cora HERE
Mask #1 Here
My Frame- Here
Lori at Scrap it Studio PTU kit Christmas is Coming
C-p means copy and paste on your new image as new layer
Ok lets begin
open your mask then minimize it
open my frame minimize it
Open 600x600 new image
in your materials pallet
foreground - #0a6c18
Background - #ae0609
And then make a gradient with those 2 colors
choose #1 primer at angle 130 and repeats 10 then
click on ok
Flood fill with this gradient.
chick on layers choose NEW Mask Layer then on
from image now in the drop down menu choose Mask
Sg_christmas1 and then on ok.
now go to your
layers pallet and right click merge group.
Now c-p my frame on top of mask.
Open Loris kit
grab element #21 copy and paste to new image
Duplicate element #21 resize 96% and free rotate it 90 degrees to left
duplicate again and mirror the element move the 2 layers under frame.
Use your eraser tool and erase all that sticks out on the inside of frame.
copy and paste #21 element resize 96%  flip it and move under
my frame and eraser all the sticks out under frame again.
Get element #5 resize to 88% c-p to tag
Grab element #12 resize it to 62% then C-P it to your tag, duplicate
and then mirror look at tag for placment.
open element 19 and 18 and C-P to tag 
open Element #4 resize it to 88% C-P to tag
open element #14 resize 62% C-P to tag
open element #9 resize 58%  C-P to tag
open element #11 resize to 70% C-p to tag
open your tube resize it to 45% and
Copy and paste and move it under Element #12 on your layers
pallet and erase the tube that shows under the element #12
and then erase the part of the element #11 that overlaps your tube. 
I went back and added a drop shadow to all elements and tube of
1,-2,54,4,26 color black
then add your copywrite and name on tag and your done.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter wonderland FTU Forum Set

PSP any version will do

1st Christmas mask by Joyita from Here

Very Many Tube
from PFD named Christy Here

Open a new image 600 X 250
Flood fill with White - #ffffff
then make new layer and flood fill this
layer with Red- #a8080b
make sure the Red layer is on top
then open your mask in psp and minimize this.

Then back to your new image make sure your clicked
onto your red layer then go to top laer menu
and choose NEW MASK LAYER
then Choose FROM
IMAGE a new page will open up in the drop down
area choose your mask then make sure it has a dot
by Source Luminence and then at the bottom INVERT
mask data is checked then click ok.

Now on your layers thread right click Merge Visable.
We will now resize your tube to 49% then copy it
and past it to your tag. I used Font Old-Town
for Signature, with a drop shadow of, 1,-2,39,4.26 black.
Add your copywrite and your done.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Waiting for Santa -FTU Tut

Supplys needed
PSP any version will work
Scrap kit
Mirella waiting on santa ftu kit -Click HERE
PinUp Toons (Christmas) 99-2 you can get this tube
DBV- Designs by Vaybs -Mask #6

C-P means copy and paste

Open new image 600x600

Open mask DBV mask #6 minimize it

Go to kit open it and
C-P element #44 as new layer
see my tag for placement as you go.

resize element #14 to 74%
C-P it as new layer
add dropshadow 1,-1, 39, 4.26

C-P element #37 and rotate 15% right
add dropshadow 1,-1, 39, 4.26
C-P element #43 move to bottom layer
add dropshadow 1,-1, 39, 4.26
C-P element #51 move to top layer
add dropshadow Same as before

resize element #24 to 45%
C-P it to image.
add dropshadow Same as before

C-P  Element #8 move to top layer
add dropshadow Same as before
C-P element #25 move this to second layer
add dropshadow Same as before

Resize element #49 to 45%
C-P element #49 move to top layer
add dropshadow Same as before 

C-P element #4
add dropshadow Same as before

resize paper #2 to 75% and
C-P paper #2 and move this to bottom layer
while you have this layer selected
Go to layers and select new mask layer,
then in drop down menu select mask- dvb-mask 06
make sure source luminance is selected then hit ok

Then C-P your choice of tube then
add your copywrite and your name and your done.