Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rocking Blues

Arthur Crowe Tube HERE

Abstract Creations -Blue Music Kit HERE

Mask from Weescotslass WSL_99  HERE 
scroll down look on the right side for the folder with 99 in it. 

Lets start OPen Tube and Mask and minimize both. 

Open 600 x 600 new image 

Open Element e45 c-p to tag

Open Element e4 Resize 90%  c-p to tag

Open Element e44 c-p to tag

Open Element e27 Resize 97%  c-p to tag

Open Element e45 c-p to tag
Click on your Magic Wand tool and click in the 
middle of your frame to select it then click on 
selections, and then modify Expand 4 pixels
then on Invert you will now click on each layer 
below the frame and then click delete on your
keyboard to delete the areas sticking out past 
your frame then Select none. 

Open Element e5 Resize 77%  c-p to tag duplicate
and mirror it. 

Open Element e26 Resize 52%  c-p to tag then free
rotated a little so that it look like its leaning 

Open Element e8  Resize 33%  c-p to tag

Open Element e39  c-p to tag
Open Element e9 Resize 47%  c-p to tag move this layer
in back of your speakers. 

Open Element e6 Resize 83%  c-p to tag

Make a gradient with these 2 colors 
White and #2182e3 Radial, 9 repeats and make a new Raster
layer and flood fill with this gradient with this 
layer selected click on Layers, new mask layer, from
image then in pop up use pull down and select WSL_99 
then on ok. 

Open your tube and place it and then add your name and copy write 
and your done :)