Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FTU Beachin Tut

Kit Sea Breeze  by Peace HERE
Mask by Weecloss WSL-mask 364
its the 3rd mask down. HERE
Elias Tube HERE
OK lets start
C-P means copy and paste

Open tube, and mask minimize.
Open 600 X 600 new image.
Open paper #7 C-P to tag, then click on
layers, new mask layer, from new image
click on the pull down layer choose WSL_mask364
then ok. Then on your layers on right side merge
Open Element palm tree Resize 73% C-P to tag
Then take your pick tool and make the element
Open Surfboard resize 62% C-P to tag
Open Element sand2 C-P to tag we are going to
deform this one also move it to the bottom of
your tag and push it down so its longer than
wide, then pull the ends out to make it fit your
Look at the size I made it settings are.
 pivotX 299.50, pivot Y 508.50, positionX -2.oo, positionY 421.00
Open Element pelicanpost Resize 50% C-P to tag
Open Element grass Resize 77% C-P to tag move behind the pelicanpost
element and close it. 
Open Element grass again Resize 46% C-P to tag move this
over by the surf boards.
Open Element shells Resize 36% C-P to tag
Open Element openpearl Resize 46% C-P to tag
Ok add your name and copywrite and your done :)