Friday, February 6, 2015

PTU Tut Rose

Keith Garveys Oh La la HERE
PTU Scrapkit Rose by Scrap it Studio HERE
FTU Templet #89 Scrap it Studio HERE
Plugins::: Alien Skin Glass, Penta- Jeans, Filters unlimited-
Paper Texturs-Stripedpaper-coarse
Mask WSL mask 302  HERE

Ok lets start

Open tube, templet, and mask minimize mask
and tube.
Duplicate the templet and close original.
Close off the SIS layer.

Ok now on your templet go to layer 10 and use your
Glass plugin with the settings below
Ok go to layer 5 and flood fill with #ad070a do
the same with layer 4 then add glass layer to both same
settings as above.  
Click on layer 7 and flood fill with the same color.
 Click on layer 3 then on Magic wand tool then click on
the front of the stage layer to select it,  then go to Filters
Unlimited-Paper Textures-Stripedpaper-coarse and use
default settings then select none.
Now staying on layer 3 use your magic wand tool and click
the floor part of stage and use Plugin Penta -Jeans on default
setting then select none.
Click on layer 2 and select then select all ,Float, then defloat
then on modify and expand by 2 then add a new raster layer and
flood fill this layer with white then move it below the layer 2
and add 100% noise to this and then Select none.
Now duplicate and mirror so you have both 1,
and layer 2 with a white backing.
Click on layer 10 and select, then select all,Float,then defloat
then on modify and expand by 3 then add a new raster layer and
flood fill this layer with this color #ad070a then move it below the
layer 10 and add 100% noise to this then Select none, then take your eraser tool
and erase the red layer thats showing in the circles.
Ok now open your scrap kit and open all the word art 16, 17, and 18
copy and paste them to the templet see my tag for placement. After
you get them placed add glass plugin to each one default settings.
Open Element 15 resize 90% copy and paste to tag, duplicate and mirror
the element.
Open Element 5 copy and paste to tag free rotate Right 15 %
Open element 3 resize 70% copy and paste it to tag then duplicate
it and mirror element.
Open element 23 resize 50% and copy and paste to tag and mirror
Open element 31 now if your going to use your tag on a black
background like I am then change the color of the love word art
to white or gray go to adjust Brightness and contrast-Brightness
and contrast with settings below if your going to use the tag on
a white back ground leave element black then copy and paste to tag.
Now make a new Raster layer and make a gradient with these 2 colors
#000000, #ad070a see sample below for settings

and flood fill the new raster layer and then click on
Layers and New Mask layer, From Image then in pull down menu and
choose WSL_302
Ok now I resized my whole templet 92% and
then opened my tube and copy and paste full length to tag.
Then copy and paste the middle tube
and place it under layer 10 where the face is centered
into the first circle, and then select
layer 10 use your magic wand and click in the 1st circle,
then modify, expand by 12, then click invert then delete on
your keyboard then select none and on tube area I turned it to
Luminance Legacy.
Then I clicked on the full length tube layer, and clicked select all
then under Image click crop to selection.
Then I duplicated the tube in the circle and move it to the bottom
hole then I duplicated and hit mirror and move it to the middle hole.
Ok now Duplicate your full length tube and move copy below layer 8,
then click on layer 7 and with your magic wand click it to select it
and then on invert and then select the tube you placed and hit delete
on your keyboard then select none then duplicate and mirror tube turn the opacity to screen.
Then with my full size tube I duplicated it and on top duplicate I did adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur, 3.0 and then turned opacity to hard
light then slider to 73%.
I added a drop shadow to all my elements and layers
Add your name and copywrite and your done :)

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