Saturday, February 7, 2015

FTU Vintage Tut

Timeless Romance Kit by Addictive Pleasures HERE
Alicia Mujica Exclusive Tube from AC Divas Forum Group HERE
Mask WSL-302 Here
Plug in- Photo-effects scanlines, 
Lets start ....
Open your mask, and Tube and minimize both.
Open 600-600 new image
Open Cluster Frame Element resize 75% C-p to new
Open element ivy resize 69% and c-p to tag left side, then
duplicate and mirror so you now have them on other
site also.
Open Element Doodle c-p to your tag move it under
your frame right side.
Open ribbonbow2 element resize 75% and C-P to tag
open flower2 resize 67% and c-p to tag
Open butterfly resize 37% c-p to tag and the duplicate
it and rotate it the other direction and resized it 90%
Open your tube closeup and move it under the frame
and then duplicate it so you have 4 and position
each one in a frame then click on your frame layer
and then on your magic wand to select each area then
on invert then delete on your keyboard.
Now open full size tube and position it in the
middle on top layer.

Ok now we are going to make a gradient for the bg
and mask so use these 2 colors #a36878,#a7ae74
then make a new raster, then make another new raster
so you have 2 flood fill both of these with this
gradient settings are below.

Ok now click on your frame layer then click on your
magic wand and click in each one of the 4 inside boxes
then on selections, and modify by 4 then click invert
then hit delete on your keyboard.
Now on each one of the Closeup tubes change the opacity to
luminence legacy or screen play around and find what
looks good to you and then I turned the opacity down to
48 on each one.
Ok I added a plug in to the bg of the tubes of Photo-effects
Ok now on the other gradient layer go to Layers, New Mask
layer, From Image and in the drop down box Choose WSL_302 then on ok.
I added drop shadow to the full size tube and elements and
then added my name and copywrite and your done :)


  1. Thank you for a great tutorial! Linked to it on my blog.