Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get Lucky

Scrap kit Aqua at Creative Misfits HERE

Mask by Weescotslass WSL-302 HERE

Tube by Barbara Jensen HERE

Chantels Templet HERE

C-P means copy and Paste

Lets start

Open your tube and mask in psp and then minimize.

Open 600-600 new image

Open Element08 Resize 71% C-P to Tag

Open Element32 Resize 44% C-P to Tag

Open Element27 Resize 50% C-P to Tag

Open Element17 Resize 50% C-P to Tag
duplicate, then flip.

Open Element 36 Resize 47% C-P to Tag

Open Paper 1 and copy and paste it to tag
Duplicate it, then move it above layer 8,
then move other one above layer 5.

Click on layer 5 and then select all,float,defloat
invert then hit delete on your key board
do the same with layer 8.

Open paper 06 c-p to tag then move
it above layer 4.

Click on layer 4 and then select
all,float,defloat,invert then
hit delete on your key board
Make a gradient with #16b900 and white
see details below

Flood fill layer 6, and 10 with this gradient.

Change color to #186b0b and flood fill
layer 2, and 9

Close off X layer 3.

Then select all then on image crop to selection.

Click on layer 2 select all, float,defloat
modify by 4, make a new raster move it below
the layer 4 then flood fill with white, then
add noise of 100% to white layer then select none.

Do the same with layer 9 and with layer 7 except
with this layer I flood filled it with this color
#186b0b. I did layer 8 too but used this color

Ok Click on layer 11 I added noise to it of 45%.

Then I copied and pasted the close up tube below
the frame, then I clicked inside of the frame with
my magic wand and then clicked invert then clicked
on the close up layer and click on delete on my key
board I then turned opacity to hardlight.

Now we will add our full tube position her and then
Add a drop shadow to all elements and layers
see below at settings.

Now c-p paper 9 move it to bottom layer then
click on Layers, New Mask layer, from image
then on popup there will be a pull down tab
look for WSL_302 choose it, and then on ok.

Now add your copywrite and license, and your
name and your done :) Save your tag

Now to make the set I just moved elements and tube to middle and
resized them to fit and croped it to 600-250
Same with the AVI croped tube to 150-150
I added a frame to both with plugin AAA Frames-photo frame

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