Thursday, September 25, 2014

FTU Autumn Whispers

Templet by Millie HERE
Bounty of leaves by Peace  HERE
Mask by Weescotlass WSL-mask 364- HERE
its the 3rd mask down.

 Tube Renee Biertempfel At CDO HERE
C-P means Copy and paste
Ok lets start
Make a new image 600-600
Open Element BOL30 Resize 53% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL12 Resize 53% C-P to tag
Open Element Bol32 Resize 74% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL31 Resize 35% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL67 Resize 80% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL70 Resize 43% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL78 Resize 58% C-P to tag
Open Element BOL84 Resize 33% C-P to tag
Duplicate and see tag of where to place it.
Open Element BOL13 Resize 48% C-P to tag
Click on layer 9 make a gradient with 2
colors of your tube and elements, and flood
fill it do the same with layer 8 and 1
Then I picked a light color to flood fill layers
3, 6,7
Click layer 5 then add texture blinds see below at
the settings.
I added a gradient glow with Eye Candy
with the settings below to each templet

Choose your close up tube and c-p to
your tag and position 1 on top of layer 9
and then select that layer then select all
float, defloat, then on invert then on your
keyboard hit delete.
Do the same thing with
your close up tube on the layer 8 I mirrored
this one so they were opposite.
 I turned the
opacity to Screen for both tubes.
Now add your full length tube and move it under
the word art.
Then move your word art where you want it then
so to Select all, float, defloat, modify by 2,
then make a new layer and flood fill it with white
into the selection then select none then move this
layer under the original so it looks like it has
a white boarder.
Now I added drop shadow to all elements with these
settings below. I also added drop shadow to the white
word art layer.

Ok now open paper BOLPaper4 resize it 75% then copy
and paste it to tag move it to the back then go to
layers new mask later, from Image and in the pull
down menu choose WSL_363 then on ok.
Now time to add your name and copywrite and
your done :)


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  2. OH NO!! LOL I pasted all those things in a new image before I opened the template. Laughing at myself. Also think you for this tut.