Monday, September 22, 2014

FTU Autumn Colors

Autumn Templet by Flamin HERE
Autumn Kit Bounty of leaves by Golden HERE
Mask Weescotslass- WSL-363  HERE
Very Many Tube- HERE 
Open tube and mask minimize

Open Templet Duplicate and close original
Open Element pumpkin1 Resize 60% C-P to tag
Open Element Berries3 Resize 60% C-P to tag
Open Element leaf spray2 Resize 71% C-P to tag
Open Element Leaves2 C-P to
tag Duplicate mirror
Open Element Leaves3 C-P to tag
Open your tube place her behind elements then
use eraser brush to erase what is stickin out
below elements.
Now copy and paste close up and position it
on top of the orange circle
then on the layers click select all,
defloat,modify by 4, then hit invert
then go back to the tube close up layter
and hit delete on your computer
Open Element berries1 Resize 85% flip C-P to tag
move it under the yellow circle
Open Element birdhouse2 Resize 43% C-P to tag
Click on the Shades layer then select all
float, defloat, Modify, expand by 2, make a new
layer and flood fill selections letters with white
then move layer below the shades layer to make it
have a white edge.

Open Element fog1 Resize 41% C-P to tag
Open Element leafspray5 Resize 87% C-P to tag duplicate
put one top one bottom.
I added a Gradient glow to all of the templet pieces
this is the settings below.

Then I added a drop shadow to all elements see below
of settings.
Then I made a gradient with 2 colors of my tag see

Make a new layer and flood filled it then I went to layers
new mask layer, from image then in pull down area choose
mask then hit ok.
now you need to add your name and copywrite and your done.

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