Saturday, September 20, 2014

FTU Witch bag

Mask WsL-364 HERE
Arthur Crowe Tube HERE

Magik FTU kit named-Pumpkins and Candy Corn
C-P means Copy and paste
Ok lets start
open tube, and mask and minimize them
open 600-600 new image
Open Element Frame 3 Resize 91% C-P to tag
Open Element flower2 Resize 19% C-P to tag
Open Element Halloween pumpkins
 Resize 80% C-P to tag
Open Element sign Resize 80% C-P to tag
open standing tube and place it in tag
open close up position under frame then
use your magic wand tool and select inside
of the frame, then select invert then go to you
closeup layer and hit delete on your key board
Then turn opacity to luminance-legacy
Make a gradient with the colors of your tube
and make new later and flood fill it then go
layers choose new mask layer from image then
in pull down menu choose WSL mask then on ok
Then add a drop shadow to elements and tube

then add your name and copywrite and your
done :)

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