Saturday, January 4, 2014

FTU Sweet Pea

Scrapkit from Wicked Princess Scraps HERE
Tube Pinuptoons 184-3 HERE
Mask by Witchysheart HERE
Open Tube in psp minimize
open Mask in psp minimize
C-P = copy and paste
Open 600 X 600 new image

open Frame #3 C-P to new image

Open bling doodle C-P to tag move to under frame
open element Flower 3 resize 75% C-P to tag
move under frame to right.

Open Element Flower2 Resize 85% C-P to tag

Open Element ribbon Resize 64% C-P to tag

Open Element bow3 Resize 33% C-P to tag

Open Element Flower2 Resize 85% C-P to tag

Open Element fan Resize 39% C-P to tag rotate
it 11% to left

Open Element dog Resize 26% C-P to tag
Click on your ellipse tool then on rectangle
Close forground color and use this color in
background #f6bab8 draw out a oval to
cover the bg of your frame.
Open Tube and paste full length tube to tag

Then c-p close up mirror it move it under frame
click on the oval layer you made and
Then on select all, Float, defloat, the invert
then hit delete on your keyboard.
Make a new raster layer flood fill with
this color #f6bab8
then click on layers, then new
mask layer, then in drop down menu
choose mask named wh-mask25 , then ok.
I added a drop shadow to the elements, and the tube.

Add your copywrite and your name and
your done :)


  1. Hi Linda ..did your tut today, I had a different tube so it turned out a little different....will send it to you so you can see it!!
    Thanks for sharing with us...simple easy to follow....
    JustMeCec xoxoxo