Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FTU Spiked

(Molly) Very Many Tube at PFD HERE
Scrap-kit- from Toxic Desires-Burlesque Pink HERE
Mask by Candys treats 1B- HERE
Ok Lets Start.....
Open 600 X 600 new image

Open burlesque Frame1 c-p to new
Open Tube, and Mask in psp
minimize mask #1b Candystreats
The tube close off all layers
except pink shirt, shoes and tube
merge visiable then
Resize tube 48% and then minimize.
Open Sparkles resize 75% C-P to tag
duplicate move both layers below frame.
move them see tag for placement.
Open Chain resize 71% C-P to tag
Open wire resize 97% C-P to tag move below
the frame.
Open star swirl resize 83% C-P to tag
Duplicate then flip this and mirror.
Open Flower 1 resize 46% C-P to tag
click on your Ellipse tool with forground
closed off and background color #828282
draw out a circle for your frame then I added
some texture of blinds screen shot below for
Open Star resize 63% C-P to tag
Duplicate move them below your frame background
see tag for placement.
Open new layer flood fill ##828282 move to
bottom layer then on layers new mask layer
in the pull down menu choose candystreatsMask1b
make sure source luminance checked then hit ok.

Add your name and copywrite and your done :)

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