Friday, January 17, 2014

The Gift

WSL-Mask 241 HERE
look on the right side for the dl link for #241
Jennifer Janesko tube 151-2 at CDO HERE
Gothic Inspirations kit Art of Giving HERE
C-P =copy and paste
Ok lets start......
Open 600 x 600 new Image
open tube and mask and minimize in psp
open Frame6 resize 65% C-P to tag
open bricks resize 83% C-P to tag move it under frame
and then take your pick tool and make it taller
so it showson top of the frame top and bottom
see my tag will show you.
open chain resize 50%  C-P to tag
open bird resize 50%  C-P to tag
open ribbon 2 resize 70%  C-P to tag
open leaves resize 70%  C-P to tag

open light resize 63%  C-P to tag
open snow resize 77%  C-P to tag
open berries mirror, resize 50%  C-P to tag
open Flower resize 29%  C-P to tag
Ok now go back to all the layers of elements
except the snow and the ribbon.
Click on Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colorize
and make all grey with settings below.
I now clicked on all elements and added a drop
shadow of 2,2,46,7.45, color black.
Copy and past tube under the frame,
then erase what is sticking out of the bottom
of frame.
Click on snow layer and erased the snow on her
Make a new raster layer then change color
foreground #c0c0c0 then background #808080 and then
make a Gradient with both colors settings below.

Flood fill that raster layer with the gradient we
made above then click on layer new mask layer,from
image, then in drop down menu choose wsl-241 then
Now add your signature and copywrite I used Jeepers
font in my signature.

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