Monday, January 6, 2014

FTU Loves Desire

FTU Scrap Kit by Jenny Love you HERE

Keith Garvey Ivory-HERE

Mask made by me right click to save as its at the bottom 
of this tut.

Open Tube and Mask then minimize them in

C-P =copy and paste 

Open New image size 600X600 

Open frame 3 resize 79% C-p to tag

Open hearts 2 c-p to left side of tag
duplicate and move over and slightly down
from other 

Open Swirl resize 79% c-p to tag 

Open Flower Glow 1 resize 65% c-p to tag then
duplicate and then flip it and bring it down. 

Open heart c-p to tag 

Open hearts 2 c-p right side of tag 

Open bow3 c-p to tag 

Open heartkey resize c-p to tag 

Open 1/2 tube move it under all elements then I 
took eraser tool and erased all that stuck out 
at bottom. 

Ok use your ellipse tool rectangle, then on your 
materials pallet change color of back ground to
#9f0005 and close off forground and draw out a 
rectangle behind your frame. 

Ok make a gradient White as forground color, and 
#9f0005 red as background color now go to your forground and choose
 #1 Forground-Background  angle-135 repeats 11 
and linear style. 
make a new raster layer and flood fill with this gradient. 
then on this layer go to layers, new Mask Layer, From image
then in drop down layer choose Love #1 mask then on ok. 

I went back and added drop shadow to my emements and tube. 
Now add your name and copywrite and your Done :)

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