Sunday, May 25, 2014

FTU Lets Party

Arthur Crowe HERE

Scrap kit by Tashas Playground Party in the City HERE
Mask- WSL MASk 230 HERE
Ok lets start
Open Tube and Mask Minimize both
Open new image 620x620
Open wordart Element resize % C-P to Tag

Open Frame2 free rotate left C-P to Tag
Open Frame Element C-P to Tag then move it under
your frame 2 in layers then use your Pick Tool or
move it (resize by hand)to make it fit your top
frame like its a part of it.
Open streamer Element resize 90% C-P to Tag
Open Bow2 Element resize 66% C-P to Tag
Open Sparkle2 Element resize 87% C-P to Tag
Open Stars Element resize 87% C-P to Tag
Open Tag Element resize 60% C-P to Tag
Open Lips Element resize 60% C-P to Tag
Open Shoe Element resize 60% C-P to Tag
Open Flower Element resize 33% C-P to Tag
Open Glasses Element resize 55% C-P to Tag
Open your close up tube and place it under
your frames layers.
Click on your Red Frame layer then on magic
wand then click inside of your frame to select
it then on selections, modify by 4, then invert
and then hit Delete on your keyboard do not deselect.
Open paper6 resize 89% C-P to Tag then hit delete
on your computer again then go to selections
and select none. Then move this layer below your tube
Click on your tubes layer and turn the opacity to Hardlight and
I turned it to 51% Then I used Plug in Xero with settings below
Open paper 1 resize it to 78% C-P to tag move it to bottom
layer then while the paper layer is selected go to layers
new mask layer from image and then in drop down menu use
WSL_230 then on ok.
I added a drop shadow to all elements and frames

and then resized the whole tag to 97%
Now add your copywrite and your name
and then add drop shadow to yout name and your done:)

I made 3 piece set


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