Saturday, June 14, 2014

FTU #1 Celebrating Freedom

GoldDust FTU Kit Celebrate Freedom HERE
Tube Elias Chatzioudis HERE
Mask Vix Big Mask005 HERE
Lets start

Open a new image 600 X 600
Open Tube and Mask Minimize for now.

Open Frame 2 Resize 76% C-P to tag
Open Frame 1 Resize 60% C-P to tag

Click on your magic wand tool and
use Add-Shift mode, then select every Star
in the blue frame. Then open a new raster
layer then go to selections expand by 4,
and then flood fill all the stars with white.
 Move this layer under the blue frame.
Select red frame layer and select all the stars
like you did before with the magic wand then
open paper #7 resize it to 70%
then copy and paste it to your tag then
go to selections and click invert then
click delete on your keyboard.
move this under the red frame layer.
Open Glitter1 Resize 98% C-P to tag
Open Glitter2  C-P to tag
Open Glitter3 Resize 96% C-P to tag
Open Rose1 Resize 59% C-P to tag
Open Rose2 Resize 59% Mirror then C-P to tag
Open PaperFlower2 C-P to tag
Open Flower3 Resize 75% C-P to tag
Open Flower2 Resize 59% C-P to tag
Open Flower1 Resize 60% C-P to tag
Open butterfly #1 Resize 34% C-P to tag
Open Ribbon Resize 75% C-P to tag
Open Star string Resize 77% C-P to tag
Open your tube and choose close up and move
it under your frames, then erase all that is
showing outside of the frame.
Open your tube and c-p it to tag.
In your color materials set your Forground
to #cf0d11 and background to #217ec4 then
make a gradient with these 2 colors on your
background color and close off the forground.
Then you will go to your elipse tool and draw
a Ellipse and move it behind all the frames layers.
This is the settings below for the gradient.

Then go to your close up tube and go to
opacity and turn it to blend mode Luminence
and turn it down to 59% opacity.
Open paper #3 C-P to tag move it to the
bottom layer then go to layers New Mask
Layer, From Image then in drop down menu
choose the Vixbigmask005 then on ok.
I added a drop shadow to all the elements
and tube of this screen shot below.
Ok add your copywrite and you name and
your done.

I made a 3 piece set


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  1. OMG Linda this is FABULOUS! I am in awe! :D Thanks so much for doing a tut with my kit I truly appreciate it! I so have to show off this ASAP!! You rock gf! Lots of Hugs! ♥