Saturday, May 24, 2014

FTU - Key to Beauty

Tube Keith Garvey HERE
Scrap Kit MonoCromatic-by Gimptastic Scraps HERE
Plug in Xero -Porcelain
Font -Alaskac

Open 600X600 new image

Open Element Swirl resize 80% C-p to tag
Duplicate move one to each corner oposite.
Open Frame 4 then click image, free rotate it 90 degrees
 left , Resize 85% then C-P to tag
Open Element feather resize 82% C-P to tag
Open Fan Element resize 61% C-P to tag
Open Jewel Flower Element resize 82% C-P to tag

Open Scatter Element click Image,then free rotate 90 degrees to left
C-P to tag move it under your frame
Open Light Scatter resize 45% C-P to tag turn down opacity
to 67%

Open Flowers Element mirror, click on Image, the
 Free rotate 30% C-P to tag
Open Key Element resize 90% click on image, free rotate 90 degrees to left
 C-P to tag

Open Watch Element resize 57% C-P to tag

Open Gem pin Element resize 67% free rotate 30degrees left
C-P to tag
Open your tube and choose close up and c-p to tag moving it
under your frame then click on your magic wand tool click in the middle of frame
then go to selections, modify then when pop up choose 4, then ok then selection
the choose invert then hit delete on your computer, dont deselect
go to paper 7 open it c-p to thread then hit delete on puter again then move it
below your tube. Now turn the layer to Luminance.
Open Sparkles Element C-P to tag and turn down opacity to 61%

Then C-P paper 7 again and move it to the bottom layer and then go to
layers then new mask layer from image in pull down menu choose WSL_Mask230
Copy and paste your tube to tag
then go to Ajust and Hue and Saturation, then in pop
up settings Hue250, and saturation 0 this will
make your tube grey scale.
then use your plugin Xero-Porcelain
Settings 50,128.155 See screen shot below on your tube.
I added a drop shadow to all elements and tube.
see below screen shot.
then add your copywrite and name and your done :)
I used Font AlaskaC for name.

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