Friday, March 7, 2014

FTU - So Lucky

Jenny Designz Luckly Charms Kit HERE
Mask Wees  WSL-230 HERE
Keith Garvey Tube HERE
C-P means copy and paste
OK lets begin
Open 600X600 new image

open Tube and Mask minimize
Open Frame 8 resize 68% copy paste to tag
Adjust, Hue-saturation, Colorize 109,194 see image below
Adjust, Brightness/contrast -71, -32 see image below
Open Glitter resize 40% duplicate 3x and place see tag

Open grass resize 79% place it under frame

Open frame 5 resize 79% place under the 3 glitter elements
on top of the other frame.

Open rs-rainbow resize 54% place under glitter elements.
Open hat resize 90% c-p to tag
Open Glass resize 90% c-p to tag
Open lucky pot resize 70% c-p to tag
Open stardust c-p tag

Open horseshoe charm mirror resize 70%
I merged all elements and frames then added my tube
under frame and turn down opacity of merged stuff and
errase it so the tube comes thru the top then turn it
back to 100% when done.
Open  paper2 C-P to new tag
on this layer go to layers, new mask layer
from image in pull down area choose wsl_mask230
source luminance checked, and invert mask data
checked then hit ok.
Now add your name and copywrite and your done!

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