Sunday, March 23, 2014

FTU Dotty Diva

CCreationz Kit-Red Polka Emo- HERE
Alicia Mujica Exclusive tube -CDO HERE
Mask By Lori at Sis-19 HERE

Penta- Colordot- Plug in
Xero-Porcelain- Plug in
C-P= copy and paste
Lets Start
Open Tube and Mask minimize both
OPen 600x600 new image
Open Element frame3 Resize 69% C-P to tag
Open Element9 resize 62% C-P to tag
Open Element18 resize 93% C-P to tag
Open Element22 Resize 30% C-P to tag
Open Element4 Resize 32% C-P to tag
Open Element25 C-P to tag
Open Element Resize % C-P to tag
Open paper 1 resize 75% c-p to tag move it to
the bottom layer , then click layer new mask
later then on from Image then choose SIS19 mask
in the pull down menu then on ok.

Open Tube and place close up in frame and erase all
that sticks out.
 Open your standing tube place it on tag.
Click on Ellipse tool and draw out a circle and place behind
your close up tube, make it a raster then
 Use your plugin penta Color dot on it with settings below.
Now on your Tube close up use Xero -Porcelain plugin with settings
Now add your name and Copywrite and your done.

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