Sunday, March 23, 2014

FTU Easter Fun

Tube used Alex Prihodko from PFD HERE
Templet my Magik #0036 HERE
Scrapkit named Sweet as honey HERE
Scrap it studio Mask16 HERE
Font Transistor 2.15 HERE

Ok Lets start
Open Mask and Tube Minimize
Open Templet and duplicate close original

Close off credit, Word Art, And Word art BG, Ltop Star,
R bottom star,
Circle Ring, Circle ring outline. and half circle
Resize Templet to 77%
Click Image then do Canvas size 600x600
Open Splatter1 Resize 45% paste to tag
Open Frame2 Resize 50%  paste to tag
Open Eggs and Tulips1 Resize 50%  paste to tag
Open  Easter Sign Resize 80%  paste to tag
Open Bow 4 Resize 40%  paste to tag
Open swirls1 Resize 77%  paste to tag
Open psper 6 Resize 55%  paste to tag

Click on Smaller Center Circle then on your materials
flood fill with this color #c9fcc7
Click on center strip flood fill with this color #4df7fd
Click on center rectangle flood fill with this color #ff80bd
Click on lg Center Circle then go to Material then on forground
and choose Pattern for paper 6 and flood fill with it.

Do the same for bottom R Square, top L square, Top R Rec,
and Bottom L Rec.
Click top circle and Bottom Circle flood will with #f5fead color. Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Weave with
settings below.

Open easter egg 1 Resize both 30%  paste to tag

Open easter egg 2 Resize 35%  paste to tag
Open Sparkles3 paste to tag
Open Flower Chain2 Resize 66%  paste to tag then place on easter sign and
use your erraser tool to make it look like its hanging there.

Add a gradient glow of below to Top and Bottom circle.
Add same gradient glow to center stripe

Add a gradient glow by changing end color to pink
to below to large center circle outline.
Add same gradient glow to center Rectangle
Add same gradient glow to bottom R Square,and top L Square,
Top R Rec, and bottom L rec.
Open tube and I used her full size image C-P on top of small center
circle, then Click on smaller center circle select all, float,
defloat then on invert then choose your tube layer and hit delete.
Then select none.
Then I resize my tube to fit my tag place her and add my copywrite
and then my name.
 I used paper 6 for my name and font Transistor 2.15

C-P paper 6 and move to bottom layer then choose layers then on new mask layer
then from image then box will pop up choose the SIS mask
And your done

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