Monday, February 1, 2016

FTU Romantic Garv


FTU Mini Kit Mystic Romance By Lori HERE
Keith Garvey Tube HERE
Mask Weescotslass WSL-mask220 HERE
Word art made by me and Diamond supplies are at the bottom in
png format right click and save as.
Ok lets start
Open tube and mask minimize
Open new image 636 X 636
Open Element 12 Resize by 120% Copy paste to tag
Open Element 7  Copy paste to tag then free
rotate left 25%
Open Element 10  Copy paste to tag free
rotate left 50%
Open Element 11, mirror then free rotate
25% Copy paste to tag move below the frame
errase the element that sticks out below the
bottom of the frame.
Open Element 8 Copy paste to tag
Open Element 1 Copy paste to tag
Open Element 5 Resize by 150% Copy paste to tag
then resize it again to 175% and copy and paste
behind smaller heart.
Open Element 3 Copy paste to tag
Open Element 9 Resize by 120% Copy paste to tag
Open your tube and then copy and paste it behind
the heart frame then click on magic Wand tool
and select the middle of the heart frame and then
go to selections and modify by 5 and then hit
invert then hit delete on your keyboard then
go back to selections and hit invert again then
make a new layer and flood fill it with black.
I then turned the tube layer opacity to
luminance legacy.
Now copy and paste your tube under all elements
and then erase it sticking out the bottom.
Open Element diamond I have supplied
and copy it to the tag then duplicate it 5 times and
post them around the frame.
I then made a gradient of Red and Black and flood
filled tag background, then click Layers
new Mask Layer then from Image and in pull down
area select WSL_Mask220  and then on ok then merge group.
Then I copied and placed the wordart to tag.
I now added drop shadow to the elements.
Now add your name and copywrite and your done :)