Thursday, July 10, 2014

FTU #2 Summer Romance

Colab Kit by Peace Romantic Summer HERE
Mask WSL-223 HERE
Tube Zindy Sd Nielsen HERE
C-P means Copy and paste
Lets Start .....
Open Frame0 and open paper3 then c-p paper
to frame as new layer then click on
the frame layer, and go to selections
select all, float, defloat, then click
on invert then on your keyboard click
delete button then go to your layers
opacity turn it to Color on the paper layer
, and make
sure the paper later is on top.. ok
now merge visable and resize 93%
Now open a 600 X 600 new image
C-p Frame to new image.
Open Rs43 Element C-P to tag

Open Rs41 Element resize 65% C-P to tag
Open RS109 Element resize 90% C-P to tag
Open RS98 Element resize 44% C-P to tag
Open RS90 Element resize 44% C-P to tag
Open RS49 Element C-P to tag
Open RS104 Element resize 75% C-P to tag
Open RS28 Element resize 70% C-P to tag

The duplicate and then flip then mirror.
Make a Gradient with these 2 colors
#ffffff, #ca6098
 make a new layer and
flood fill with this color move layer to
bottom then click on layers, new mask layer
from Image, then in pull down menu choose WSL_223
then on ok
Click on Ellipse, then make close off forground
and make your gradient again for background, then
draw out a ellipse for bg of your frame and move under
your frame layer.
Add your tubes.
I added a drop shadow to all the elements and tube
now add your copywrite, your name and license and your done.

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