Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter wonderland FTU Forum Set

PSP any version will do

1st Christmas mask by Joyita from Here

Very Many Tube
from PFD named Christy Here

Open a new image 600 X 250
Flood fill with White - #ffffff
then make new layer and flood fill this
layer with Red- #a8080b
make sure the Red layer is on top
then open your mask in psp and minimize this.

Then back to your new image make sure your clicked
onto your red layer then go to top laer menu
and choose NEW MASK LAYER
then Choose FROM
IMAGE a new page will open up in the drop down
area choose your mask then make sure it has a dot
by Source Luminence and then at the bottom INVERT
mask data is checked then click ok.

Now on your layers thread right click Merge Visable.
We will now resize your tube to 49% then copy it
and past it to your tag. I used Font Old-Town
for Signature, with a drop shadow of, 1,-2,39,4.26 black.
Add your copywrite and your done.

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