Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy New Year

Templet #3 by Fired by Flamin -HERE

Mask #117-at Weescotslass HERE

Kit Bling in the New Year HERE by Angelaz Creationz
Jennifer Janesko 141-3  HERE at CDO
C-P = copy and paste
D-S = drop shadow

 Open Tube, mask wsl-117 mask minimize
Open Templet-Duplicate close original
Close off the credits
Resize templet 85%

Open Element #25 resize it to 30% c-p to templet right
in the middle of your inner pink circle.
Select the Inner pink circle layer then on selections
select all, Float, Defloat, then in invert then go
back to your city element on your layers and hit
delete on your key board, then on select none.
Add a d-s to your city -3,3, 25, 7.00 and Black color
see screen shot below.

Flood fill with this color #d73044 your Cross 1 layer
flood fill with black your cross 2 layer
Flood fill with this color #ecbc79 your pink circle
open frame 1 resize 13% c-p under pink circle later
duplicate it and mirror it
open element 26 resize 8% c-p to tag
open element 44 resize 35% c-p to tag
open element 34 resize 52% c-p to tag
open element 43 resize to 12% c-p to tag
open element 3 resize 16% c-p to tag
open element 16 mirror it resize 65% c-p to tag
open element 13 resize it to 34% c-p to tag
open tube and c-p it under your bow emement.
then use your eraser to erase the bottom part
of tube sticking out. 
Ok to use Gradient Glow on your Cross 1, cross 2,
see below .

Make a gradient with these 2 colors-#ecbc79
and #d12539
with settings below

go to your layers and make a new raster layer and
then flood fill with this gradient we made.

Go to layers, new mask layer from image then in drop
down menu select your mask  WSL-117  then on ok.
Add your name and Copywrite :)
I made the 3 piece by moving all elements in to middle then
cropping it at 600 x 250 for forum tag.
I croped it 150x150 for aviator.

And your done :)

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