Thursday, December 26, 2013

FTU Cheering in the New Year

Templet #3 by Fired by Flamin -HERE

Mask WSL_Mask363 at Weescotslass HERE
its the 4th one down.

Plugins -ICNet Filters Unlimited -
(Paper Textures Striped paper)
  Penta (color Dot)
Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow.

Kit Bling in the New Year HERE by Angelaz Creationz

Tube Cheers by- Keith Garvey-HERE

Word Art by me

just right click copy and open in psp.
I used One Stroke Script-Let Font

C-P = copy and paste
D-S = drop shadow 3,-3, 25, 700

Open mask wsl-117 mask minimize
Open word art minimize 
Open Templet-Duplicate close original
Close off the credits, and Lrg Stripe Rect.
Resize templet 85%
then go to Image then Canvas size make it 600 X 614

Open Tube get the close up C-p it to templet and
position it on top of Large Rect. then select your
large rect. layer then go to Selections -Select all
float, defloat, invert, then click back to your tube
layer and click delete on your keyboard.

Go to layer grey Stripe-1, 2 
Flood fill with color #edba77 then use
ICNet Filters Unlimited -Paper Textures Striped paper on
default settings 74, 87 to both layers.

Flood Fill with color #ec2343 Pink stripe 1, and 2 then
use Plugin Penta -Color Dot default settings 90,2,255,255,255
on both of them.

Flood fill Large Circle with #cd223f
Make a gradient color forground #cd223f and #edba77
see details below, and then flood fill Large Rect with

Click on the close up tube and Turn down the opacity
to 39%

Open Element #1 resize to 16% C-p to tag
Open Element #20 resize to 16% c-p to tag
Open Element #14 resize to 50% c-p to tag
Open Element #26 resize to 9% c-p to tag
Open Element #2 resize to 23% c-p to tag
Open Element #18 resize to 65% c-p to tag
Open Element #12 resize to 11% c-p to tag
Open Full size tube choice resize to fit I resized mine
to 97% and c-p to tag
open Element #27resize to 13% c-p to tag
duplicate, then mirror, then flip.

Add a D-S to all emements settings are above in supplies.

Add a Eye candy 4000 gradient glow with settings below
to Large Rect., Grey Stripe2, Grey Stripe1, pink stripe1,
pink stripe2, and Large Circle

Make a new Raster layer and move it to the bottom of all
layers, flood fill it with Gradient we made earlier, then
Go to layers and select new mask layer,
then in drop down menu select mask- WSL_363
make sure source luminance is selected then hit ok.

Ok add your copywrite and Signature
And if you want you can use my word art just copy it to your tag.
And your done :)

The Colors I used for my signature are
And then the Gradient Glow with settings above.

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